What we do


The process: send a fifteen-page sample of your work to joditahsler@gmail.com. Within five business days, you will receive a FREE five-page edit and a critique of the entire sample. 

We calculate cost based on your final word count when you submit the full manuscript, as well as the analysis from the critique on the level of editing needed.


Basic copyediting starts at $0.01 per word.

Substantive copyeding is $0.015 per word.


Blurbs, query letters, layout, etc. are available for an additional fee.


Ghostwriting is available, starting at $30 an hour. 

Corporate editing and copy writing are also available. If you have a concept already created that needs edits, you may submit as much as you're comfortable with for analysis. Edits will be based on the total length of the finished product.

If you need content creation for any of your corporate publications, you will be billed at the consultant rate, starting at $25 an hour*, with a contract not to exceed an agreed-upon number of hours without approval. Content can included anything from newsletters, blogs, e-zines, websites, or mass mailings/communication to brochures, webinars, seminars, PowerPoints, handouts, training, and more!

Whatever you need to communicate with your clients, we can help!  

Please contact me by clicking the link below to request writing samples. 


*Ongoing monthly contracts may be billed at a discounted rate.

Want to write a book, but you aren't sure how to get started? We can help! We can brainstorm, inspire that important first chapter to grab the reader, help you get to know your characters, make dialog sound natural, develop suspense leading to your book's climax, and weed through your multiple drafts for the best version, until you create your masterpiece. Contact us for more information.